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Analysis, Feasibility and Management Services:
• Market studies for resorts, marinas, waterfront residential, urban waterfront projects
• Market studies for regional marine tourism, cruise ship tourism, marine recreation
• Site land and water area development potentials and feasibility analysis
• Project financial feasibility analysis, financing sources identification and contact
• Assessment and analysis, mitigation design, permit processing
• Agency coordination for development applications, permits, approvals
• Due diligence and valuation analysis for project sale or purchase
• Project team selection & management, project management


Planning & Design Services:
• Master/site planning for resorts, marinas, waterfront residential, urban waterfronts
• Master/site planning for cruise terminals, marine tourism vessel & ferry facilities
• Master/site planning for water-based conservation and resource management areas
• Coastal and waterway regional tourism planning and master plans, project concepts
• Marina and boatyard planning & design (architecture, engineering)
• Pier, launch ramp, hoist and mooring area planning & design
• Yacht club, rowing, sailing, waterskiing competition facility planning & design
• Yacht charter marina and base facilities planning & design
• Megayachts marina and support facilities/services planning & design

Specialized Services:
• Import of marina dock systems and equipment and “turnkey” construction services
• Import of dredging equipment and marine construction workboats
• Import of boats and yachts, support craft and equipment
• Import of marine recreation and water sports equipment for resorts, beaches, homes
• Planning and management of marine and tourism industry conferences
• Mega yacht and tourism vessel logistics and support services
• Marina and marine tourism facility personnel selection and training

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