Waterfront development analysis, planning and design encompass the complex interactions between land and water and the human desires of use, activities and experiences to be achieved from them. It requires a complete and experienced technical multi-discipline understanding of the natural forces, market forces and human preferences to first analyze feasibility, and then to accomplish the creative planning, design and operation of projects in response to the unique potentials and challenges at the water's edge.

Recognizing that there was a need for such a multidiscipline approach in the emerging coastal and waterfront opportunities of the growth of modern Brazil, Cláudio Brasil do Amaral and John C. Corrough established Marinas do Brasil in 1991 to provide this “full-service” consulting package. These individuals bring to their consulting work more than 55 combined years of professional experience as consultants in the waterfront market, financial, planning and design fields and life-long practical experience in the business and recreation aspects of waterfronts and marine tourism. One of them is always involved as the principal consultant on all consulting assignments, maintaining client contact and managing the consulting team effort.

 The firm treats each client and each project as unique, and assembles its own personnel and any needed consulting associates into the most appropriate team for the client's needs and the size and type of study or project. The Marinas do Brasil “team” can vary from one person to a small team of several individuals, up to the potential resources of hundreds of staff in large associated firms. Marinas do Brasil forms its teams from a “talent pool” of proven and trusted specialized technical consulting firms, independent research institutions and experienced marine recreation and resort industry professionals with whom Marinas do Brasil has worked for many years.

Still growing and expanding its expertise and experience after nearly 21 years, Marinas do Brasil has completed over 377 studies, plans and designs for public agency and private clients throughout Brazil, from Manaus in the Amazon to Rio Grande do Sul on the border with Uruguay. The firm has also provided consulting assistance on studies and projects in Argentina, Uruguay, Angola, Portugal, Chile.  Also in Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the Caribbean through its North American associates.


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